Fook Pan Mooncakes General Information, Pricing and Terms and Conditions

< UPDATE 2021-09-04>
You may still send in your orders, but subject to availability of stocks.
Delivery dates remain as 11 Sep or 18 Sep 2021.
Mooncake Pricing
The rounding mechanism will be effective on all bills issued.

Suitable for Vegetarian
AllFook Pan Mooncakes except those with salted egg yolks and butterskinned contain neither animal fats, egg nor dairy products. Suitable for Vegetarian Consumption.

Mooncake Mode of Purchase
Goods sold shall be Outright Purchase, non-returnable stocks except for manufacturer's defects.
Proof of defective goods must be returned to our company.
We reserve the right to revoke any claims of goods returned if the reasons given are unfounded and due to negligence by the customer.
Kindly refer to our "Guidelines On Mooncakes Storage".
Mooncake Mode of Delivery
Delivery shall be within Klang Valley only.
Outstation delivery to be self-arranged by Customer.
Min order of Twenty-Four (24) boxes of Mooncakes is required for door to door delivery.
For deliveries below the stipulated min quantity; collec tion can be done at
designated collec tion points but it will be at the discretion of the Company or
delivery charges of RM 2.00 per box will be imposed.
請與本公司安排在指定的地點提貨或每合要收費 RM2.00的運送費用.

Mooncake Order Placement and Lead Time
Lead Time shall be three to six (3 to 6) working days from receipt of Order to Collection of Goods.

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ItemCodeDescription品名Price per PiecePrice per Box of 4
ItemCodeDescription品名Price per PiecePrice per Box of 4
01 CHOC 巧克力 Chocolate Mooncake 巧克力月餅 RM 20.00 RM 80.00 
02 CHOCSY 巧單 Chocolate Single Yolk 巧克力單黃 RM 21.00 RM 84.00 
03 CNUT 果巧 Nutty Chocolate 果仁巧克力 RM 23.00 RM 92.00 
04 GTEA 綠茶 Green Tea Mooncake 綠茶月餅 RM 20.00 RM 80.00 
05 BUTR 奶香 Butter Lotus Paste 奶香蓮蓉 RM 20.00 RM 80.00 
06 BUTRSY 奶單 Butter Single Yolk 奶香單黃 RM 21.00 RM 84.00 
07 GJAD 金翡翠 Golden Jade 金翡翠 RM 20.00 RM 80.00 
08 NYAN 伍仁 Ng Yan Mooncake (Assorted Nuts) 伍仁月餅 RM 23.00 RM 92.00 
09 REDB 豆沙 Red Bean Paste 豆沙月餅 RM 16.00 RM 64.00 
10 WLOTS 白蓮 White Lotus Paste 白蓮蓉月餅 RM 21.00 RM 84.00 
11 WLOTSSY 白單 White Lotus Paste Single Yolk 白蓮蓉單黃 RM 22.00 RM 88.00 
12 WLOTSDY白雙 White Lotus Paste Double Yolk 白蓮蓉雙黃 RM 23.00 RM 92.00 
13  LOTS 蓮蓉 Lotus Paste 蓮蓉月餅 RM 20.00 RM 80.00 
14 LOTSSY 單黃 Lotus Paste Single Yolk 單黃蓮蓉 RM 21.00 RM 84.00 
15 LOTSDY 雙黃 Lotus Paste Double Yolk 雙黃蓮蓉 RM 22.00 RM 88.00 
16 BMLOTS 黑蓮 Black Sesame Lotus Paste 黑芝麻蓮蓉 RM 21.00 RM 84.00 
17 BMSY 黑單 Black Sesame Lotus Single Yolk 黑芝麻蓮蓉單黃 RM 22.00 RM 88.00 
18 SEAS 春夏秋冬 Seasons: (Chocolate, Butter Single Yolk, Single Yolk Lotus, Golden Jade) 春夏秋冬 (巧克力,奶香單黃,金翡翠,單黃蓮蓉)  RM 82.00 
19 PCJAD 白玉 Crystal Jade 白玉翡翠 RM 20.00 RM 80.00 
20 PCOF 冰咖 Ping Pei Coffee 冰皮咖啡 RM 20.00 RM 80.00 
21 PLYC 冰荔 Ping Pei Lychee 冰皮荔枝 RM 20.00 RM 80.00 
22 PYAM 冰芋 Ping Pei Yam 冰皮芋頭 RM 20.00 RM 80.00 
23 PCCIR 冰力橙 Ping Pei Chocolate Citrus 冰皮香橙巧克力 RM 21.00 RM 84.00 
24 PCBERRY 冰力莓 Ping Pei Chocolate Strawberry Lava 冰皮軟心草莓巧克力 RM 21.00 RM 84.00 
25 PCMIN 冰力荷 Ping Pei Chocolate Mint 冰皮薄荷巧克力 RM 21.00 RM 84.00 
26 PREDB 冰豆 Ping Pei Red Bean Paste 冰皮豆沙 RM 16.00 RM 64.00 
27 PLOTS 冰蓮 Ping Pei Lotus Paste 冰皮蓮蓉 RM 20.00 RM 80.00 
28 PLOTSSY 冰單 Ping Pei Lotus Paste Single Yolk 冰皮雙黃蓮蓉 RM 21.00 RM 84.00 
29 PLOTSDY 冰雙 Ping Pei Lotus Paste Double Yolk 冰皮雙黃蓮蓉 RM 22.00 RM 88.00 
30 PWINW 冰天雪地 WINTER WONDERLAND ( Ping Pei : CRYSTAL JADE, COFFEE, YAM, LYCHEE ) 冰天雪地 (冰皮﹕白玉,咖啡,芋頭,荔枝)  RM 80.00 
31 PLBDA 冰秋 (mini 6pc set / 迷你6裏粒裝) La Bise D'Automne (Ping Pei: Choc Lava, Chia Pandan Golden Lava, Osmanthus Lychee, Earl Grey Lavender, Rose Strawberry, Matcha Black Sesame Seed) 秋風之吻 (冰皮: 流心巧克力,奇亞香蘭金沙流心,桂花荔枝,伯爵茶熏衣草,玫瑰草莓,抹茶黑芝麻)  RM 80.00 
Final Item Pickup Date: 18-Sep-2021 最后提貨日期 : 18-09-2021     
Our pricelist in PDF is available for download in the link below. 福品中秋月餅價目可下载 PDF     
Prices valid till 21 September, 2021  Opening Hours / 营业时间: Monday - Saturday / 星期一- 六 11:00am to 05:00pm Sunday by appointment / 星期日请预约 No In Store Purchase / 非店内購買  
Showing 34 items